“Learning is assignment based and this approach combined with practical on the job training was too good an opportunity to miss”

Sarah Moore Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice

Sarah has now completed her 4 year Level 6 CMDA, commencing it in 2017. During this time Sarah has progressed from different departments and currently resides as an Administrative and Admissions Assistant within the Apprenticeship Team at Mile Lane.  Sarah is a highly regarded member of the team and promotes the Apprenticeships keenly and has represented apprentices on several occasions, even partaking in a Radio 4 chat show to talk about the advantages of a company having apprentices and how she has grown and developed since becoming one.

It was the opportunity to be able to “learn while working” which spurred Sarah to do the Apprenticeship initially, and the ability to combine study as part of the day job was a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed. Another thing which appealed to Sarah was due to the assignment based approach as exams have been a deterrent to her undertaking a degree previously.  This way of learning and studying worked well with Sarah’s personal life with being Step-mum to 3 pre-teens?

Sarah has used the Apprenticeship to provide new challenges to her,

along with encouraging her to push herself beyond her own comfort zone and do things that she would not ordinarily do, to challenge herself to reach her true potential. Her career aspirations have somewhat grown over the past couple of years and can see how the apprenticeship has gained her more confidence and transferable skills.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the programme so far, meeting new people and learning new skills. The ability to study in work time also means that I still have time for my family out-side of work hours. I also enjoy the combination of practical on the job training and the academic learning.”

“My biggest concerns were ‘learner shock’ , having been out of a classroom for over twenty years and the impact it could possibly have on my family and home life. I found both my tutor and my line manager to be very supportive.  This combined with the 20% off the job training means that the impact on my family life has been very minimal. The time allocated every week to the Apprenticeship means that I am able to complete my assignments during working hours.”

“At the end of my Apprenticeship not only will I have my degree but I will have also have achieved a professional qualification, Chartered Manager status.”

Sarah Moore Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice